B&B Services

Plate Processing

Located at our Bakersfield branch, the Peddinghaus HSFDB 2500 is the top of the line plate processing system.  The Peddinghaus plate processor can Thermal Contour Cut using either a high-speed plasma or Oxy Fuel system.  In addition to cutting it can also drill, tap, mill face, countersink, and mark parts to exact specifications.  Your CAD or DXF files can be stored in our system for easy retrieval upon re-order.

 Video link to demo





Bandsaw 1      20” x 20”         automatic

Bandsaw 2      20” x 32”         automatic

Santa Maria

Bandsaw 1      16” x 16”         automatic

Santa Ana

Bandsaw 1      12” x 14”         automatic

Ventura Steel

Bandsaw 1      18” x 18”




Shear 1            26 gauge to 1/4”          144” wide

Shear 2            10 gauge to 1/2”          154” wide

Santa Maria

Shear1             26 gauge to 3/8”          144” wide


Flame Cutting


Oxy Fuel 1      10’ x 20’

Oxy Fuel 2      10’ x 40’

Plasma 1          10’ x 20’

Santa Maria

Oxy/Plasma     5’ x 8’              traceability and basic shapes

Santa Ana

Oxy Fuel 1      8’ x 10’

Ventura Steel

Oxy Fuel 1      8’ x 10’


Abrasive Saw Cutting

All locations                up to 6”



Santa Ana

Scotchman      120 ton


Fabrication Partners

With over 50 years in business B&B has developed strong relationships with several regional fabricators.  With an extensive knowledge of their abilities, B&B can outsource to the fabricator best suited for the task at hand.  Bending, rolling, forming, we can get it done right the first time by the best in each field.


We can get it hot dipped galvanized for you.  B&B sends a semi-truck several times a week to local galvanizers. We will take it down, get it dipped, and bring it back.


In most cases, next day delivery is free of charge. See the delivery area map on bottom right section of the home page for details.  Freight rates may apply outside normal service areas.