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Plate Processing

State of the Art Plate Cutting

Peddinghaus HSFDB 2500

Sophisticated material handling, carbide drilling technology, and the absolute latest in plasma cutting techniques make the Peddinghaus HSFDB 2500 the most modern plate processor in the world today. Located in Bakersfield, our HSFDB can Thermal Contour Cut using either a high-speed plasma or Oxy Fuel system. In addition, it can also drill, tap, mill face, countersink, and mark parts to exact specifications. Your CAD or DXF files can be stored in our system for easy retrieval upon re-order.

How does the HSFDB compare to the old designs of the burn table or gripper style plate processing system? Multiple parts cut in a single pass – this is the philosophy behind “common cutline” production. Our plate processor eliminates redundant torch starts using a single start to cut an array of components within a nest. Eliminating the need to maintain scrap between each part, the Peddinghaus plate processor can cut entire zones in a single start, while also utilizing an impressive amount of material; providing lower scrap ratios than any machine on the market today.  

Industry Applications

The HSFDB is the ideal plate processor for a wide array of applications. Plate up to 10′ wide and 4″ thick can be processed with ease.

Common Structural Fabrication
Applications Include:

  • Base Plates
  • Splice Plates
  • Gusset Plates
  • Bridge Components
  • End Plates
  • Shear tabs
  • Web Stiffeners
  • Moment Connections
  • Cap Plates
  • Bracing Connections
  • Transmission Tower Connections

Common Structural Fabrication
Applications Include:

  • High Tensile Steel Processing (Testing completed on materials with a brinnell hardness of 500 HBW)
  • Wind Tower Component Production
  • Sign Structure Components
  • Conveyor Manufacturing
  • Wear Part Manufacturing
  • Mining Equipment
  • Earth Moving Equipment
  • Transformers
  • Trailer Manufacturing
  • Stone Crushing Equipmen

ALLtra Burn Table

B&B also offers plate processing using one of the largest Burn Tables in the San Joaquin Valley – with the ALLtra’s massive 13’x 42’ table. Its features allow you to do anything from simple shapes to bevels and more complicated jobs:

2 – 400 amp plasma heads, cutting up to 2 inches
4 – Oxygen cutting heads

Warning: This product can expose you to chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm, including nickel and chromium (hexavalent compounds), from saw cutting, flame cutting, and welding fumes. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov