Our History

Our History

B&B Surplus Inc. was started in June of 1963 and was the vision of Ron and Donice Boylan.  The business began from a two-bedroom home located on a then rural two lane Rosedale Highway.  Business was conducted from the back of a bobtail truck that Ron drove up and down the central valley of California each day.  Founded on family principle, management still considers it a family run business with the belief that each and every employee is an intricate asset to the business and is part of that family. B&B Surplus is still at the same Rosedale Highway location but has expanded to over 100 employees on 38 acres.  Committed to fulfilling the customers’ needs B&B has continued to evolve over the years.

In 1992 B&B Surplus opened B&B Steel and Supply in Santa Maria, expanding its market to the central coast of California.  Located on 2.5 acres, B&B Steel offers the same dedication to the customer established by B&B Surplus.

In 1994 B&B added a specialty metals division adjacent to its Rosedale Highway location in Bakersfield.  B&B Specialty Metals stocks a full line of non-ferrous metals including stainless steel, aluminum and roofing products.

1998 saw the opening of B&B Metals in Santa Ana.  Centrally located in the heart of Los Angeles, B&B Metals offers the strategic advantage of quick access to many of Southern California’s biggest steel distributors and mills.

Ventura Steel was purchased in 2007.  In existence since 1991, Ventura Steel had a well-established management team and sales staff that are still in place today.  Teaming up with B&B, Ventura Steel now has full access to all B&B inventory and services, enhancing its offering to an already loyal customer base.

Continuing to evolve, a state of the art plate processing facility was added in August of 2013.  With both a high-speed plasma and an oxy-fuel cutting system, the Pedinghaus HSFDB 2500 is the top of the line plate processing system.  Aside from cutting shapes it can also drill, tap, mill face, countersink and mark parts to exact specifications.

With the death of Ron Boylan in 2004 management has seen great changes within the structure of the business.  With great leadership and the strong group of people that have been meticulously put in place, B&B has continued to fulfill Ron’s vision of strong customer service and product diversification.